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Hash Code 2021

25 Feb 2021 - Online

Code@LTH has organized a hub for the annual team programming competition Google Hash Code since 2016.


  • Date-time: 2021-02-25 18:30 UTC+1.
  • Contest time 18:30-22:30 UTC+1
  • Deadline to register: 2021-02-24.
  • Location: online
  • Sign-Up link.
  • Hashcode-jugde (Accessible when you have signed up).

General information

Hash Code is a yearly team programming competition made by Google.

You are given one optimization problem, which is either very hard or impossible to solve optimally. Instead you should find a solution that maximizes your score.

This year there is no on site event, but you can join our virtual hub, putting your team on our local scoreboard.

To participate you will have to sign up here.

Remember to mark Code@LTH as your hub when you create your team on the judge system.

Todo-list for participants

Tips & Tricks

Hash code problems are similar to one an other. You best bet of doing well is to make sure to practice with your team!

  • Look at the practice problem on the Hashcode-jugde.
  • Look at some old problems.
  • Use a template.
    • Which organizes your output files for you
    • Scores your outputs locally
    • Keeping track of your best output so far, and what code produced it.
    • Make sure to use it in a practice session before on the real competition!

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