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Ludum Dare 44

31 Mar 2019

Ludum Dare is an international game jam organized independently and Code@LTH are holding a local hub where you get up to 72 hours to work on a game based on a theme (revealed right at the start), alone or with friends. We encourage people who make art/music/other to also come, all types of creative can go into a game!

In the weeks before the competition we will have a few events to make you ready for the challenge. These events are listed below, as well as the main event iself.


April 11: Intro to the Godot game engine + workshop

Making computer games has never been easier! With the open source, multi platform game engine Godot you can make a game in hours that would normally take days, weeks or even months!

The game engine is lightweight, yet powerful. It has a rich feature set and is easy to use. Have you always wanted to make a game? This is the perfect opportunity to make that dream come true!

We will first have a brief introduction to the game engine, and then proceed to try it out. We recommend you to bring your own computer.

The game engine can be found here, along with a lot of useful resources, like documentation and examples.

We can strongly recommend this tutorial, in which a simple platformer is made in only 7 episodes.

Time and location: 17-20 in E:2116, E-huset.

April 25: How to Ludum Dare

With only two days until Ludum Dare, it’s good to know something about how to participate.

Some topics that might be covered:

  • Compo vs Jam
  • The rules
  • How to submit your game
  • Exporting the game, using the Godot engine as an example
  • The voting system
  • General tips and tricks.
  • Q&A

April 27-28: Ludum Dare

Your game making skills are about to be put to the test! Can you make a game from scratch in only 48 hours? Ludum Dare is a game jam where every participant gets 48 hours to make a game on a given theme.

After the competition is over all the contestants can vote on the other submissions. In the end there might be one game winning as the “Funniest game”, and another for “Best graphics” and so on.

We recommend that you use some kind of tool or game engine, e.g. Godot which is very easy to use.

We also really recommend reading (or at least skimming) the Ludum Dare about and/or rules. But to save you some reading: you don’t need to sign up before LD starts but you will need to submit your game before it ends (assuming you want to submit it at all).

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