A community at LTH dedicated to exchanging knowledge, working on open source software together and having fun.


Code@LTH is a coding community at The Faculty of Engineering, Lund University created to motivate and inspire people to code recreationally.

We arrange a diverse range of events related to programming, including things like lectures, programming contests (including Google Hashcode and Ludum Dare), hackathons, presentations about members projects and more. The events are open to programmers of all skill levels and generally anybody who wants to join in on the fun!

We are always looking for people who are interested in participating and improving our organisation. If you have ideas about more cool things to organize with us, or you just want to hang out, feel free to contact us by sending one of us an email (or message us on facebook). That way we can invite you to our weekly meetings, that usually are at lunchtime on Tuesdays.

If you are interested more in detail about how our organisation works, have a look at our documents in our meta repository. There you can find our by-law, operational plan, etc.

Board members 2023

Julius Thunström

Julius Thunström

President 2022-2023


Måns Magnusson

Måns Magnusson

Board member, Treasurer 2017-2021, Co-founder


Björn Magnusson

Björn Magnusson

Board member


Erik Amirell Eklöf

Erik Amirell Eklöf

Board member 2019-2023


Jonathan Cederlund

Jonathan Cederlund

Treasurer 2023


Morteza Rezaei

Board member


Niklas Sandén

Board member


Gustav Nilsson Gisleskog

Board member


Benjamin Kugelberg

Board member

Previous Board members

Christoffer Fjällborg Rinaldo

Treasurer 2022


Joel Bäcker

Board member 2021-2022


Lucas Boberg

Board member 2021

Gabriel Sjögren

Board member 2021

Martin Jakobsson

President 2020-2021


Karl-Oskar Rikås

Board member 2018-2020


Sofi Flinck

Board member 2018-2020, President 2019


Linn Rydberg

Deputy board member 2020

Jacob Karlsson

Co-founder, President 2018, Board member 2019


Erik Bjäreholt

Co-founder, Board member 2015-2019


Kristian Berg

Co-founder, President 2015-2017


Daniel Huber

Board member 2018


Simon Persson

Board member 2018


Vilhelm Lundqvist



Isak Lindhé



Fatima Abou Alpha



Love Sjögren




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